About us

The INFO-MEDICAL GROUP OF COMPANIES is a unique structure with over 25 years of successful operation on the Russian market of medical equipment.

Originally, we have been specializing on the turnkey projects, which include the whole package of activities commencing from the design of the medical project to supplying the medical unit with the top quality equipment, putting it into operation and providing the guarantee and post guarantee technical service and education of the hospital`s staff.

Among our customers are such well-known medical units as Gazprom clinic, The Defense ministry chain of hospitals, hospital of the Administration of the President of Russian Federation.

One of the capes of our success in this field of activity, that we can be really proud of - is the full scale project of putting into operation the Tver (a city 200 km north of Moscow) perinatal care center.

One of key stones of our success on the Russian market of medical equipment are the products which we process the exclusive distributors rights for.

Starting from 2011 our company has commenced its specialization in rehabilitation, recovery, sport medicine, medical fitness and fitness itself.


And the first in row is the famous Italian company Tecnobody which has got over 20 years of successful experience in scientific elaboration and producing the most up to date rehab and health fitness equipment.

This equipment is widely used in neurology, orthopedics and in case of problems involved with locomotor system. The company has a product range specially produced and designed for medical fitness.


The medical treatment which is effected with the help of the devices produced by a German company Regumed are based on a scientifically proved, non- invasive method of bio resonance. It is indispensable in such spheres of medicine as allergology , pediatrics and other.

The device has more than 1000 programs and is really a breakthrough in diagnostics and treatment using non- conventional methods of treatment.

The bio resonance method works with specific endogenous frequency patterns and offsets the negative effect of the matters that cause stress in the human body.

This unique approach is tailored to each individual patient through working with, and improving his individual frequency patterns.

The INFO-MEDICAL GROUP OF COMPANIES arranges seminars for it`s existing and future clients inviting the most prominent and experienced doctors. These seminars are usually held every two month for 12-15 people audience.


Our company is a sole distributor of an Isomed-2000 a unique dynamometrical laboratory produced by D@R Ferstl company which is capable of the full assessment of human isokinetic abilities which enables the doctor to obtain the most precise data upon the range of motions in all groups of joints and types of muscle contractions. Two of the most prominent users of this unique device is the scientific laboratory of the Russian Olympic committee and the research department of the Russian institute of physical culture.


We are also proud of being the exclusive distributors of the world famous Italian company Mectronic Medicale known for it`s excellent range of physiotherapy equipment.


Our group of companies represents the interests of the a Herzog Medical company-a leading Dutch producer of sport rehabilitation line of products, designed for sport trauma rehabilitation.

The benefits of this line is based on a balanced combination of applying both cold and compression to the traumatized sector of the body.


For a number of years we have been successfully selling the unique products of the German company GYM80 known for it`s extra quality and the vast range of options enabling to meet the needs of the best sport clubs of the world.


Due to our flexible price policy-both big state hospitals and small private medical units are among our client list. Being the suppliers of the most modern, and innovative equipment we provide our partners with all required education and support. It ranges from on-line consultations to the education of our partners medical staff both in Russia and abroad.

Our own newly opened medical rehab center is one of the tools for that.

We do not only treat patients with the help of our qualified medical personal, but we also demonstrate the features and benefits of our above mentioned products to the perspective clients.


Our company is currently on the brink of opening its own medical rehabilitation center "Samson". One of the main advantages of this unit is that it enables our future costumers to see all the above mentioned products in operation, when the patient is being treated by our highly qualified medical personal. We consider our clinic as an academy of rehabilitation and sport medicine being guidelined by the chief doctor of the famous german clinic "Eden Reha" Mr. Helmut Hoffmann.